Eric Chien will make you believe in magic once again!

Look, I’m with you, I am a cynic and don’t exactly believe that magic is real. There was a time when I believed there were actual quarters in my ears… but those days are long gone. But here’s the best news, you don’t have to believe in magic to appreciate the skill of magician Eric Chien.

Chien is the most recent winner of the (2018) World Championship of Magic, an event hosted by the International Federation of Magic Societies every three years. Chien’s most impressive act didn’t involve assistants or large props, instead, it consisted of coins, cards, and what looks like a ribbon of sorts. While there is no doubt in my mind this is all a trick filled with misdirection and optical illusions; Chien makes the entire show look effortless and… dare I say it, magical!

Watch Chien’s incredible performance for yourself: