Can your zodiac sign tell you about your career path? Find out!

I’m getting restless these days with my career, I think it happens every year around this time but this year seems more intense than usual. I’m not typically one to look to my zodiac sign or horoscope for guidance, I don’t need someone to tell me the exact job or field I should be in; but when I came across Callie Ahlgrim’s “The Fate of Your Career, According to the Zodiac,” I had to take pause. It may have helped that I’m an Aries and the Aries sign was listed first…

Aries Zodiac Sign - The Ram


If you’re an Aries who pays attention to astrology, you’ve probably read somewhere that you ought to become an athlete, a police officer, a firefighter. Or maybe the astrologist got a little specific and told you to pursue boxing — you know, because you’re a ram and you’re aggressive.

There is some truth to those clichés: Aries is a notoriously competitive sign and often excels in organized sports. There’s a strong physicality there. The typical Aries cannot be passive, still or excessively patient; they hate tedium. A desk job would be ill-advised. Ideally, your career would give you a sense of worth and self-sacrifice (that’s where the police officer advice comes in), as well as a healthy dose of self-importance.

As an Aries, you’re a natural leader. People remember you for your courage, boldness and willingness to confront a challenge head-on. You are defined by incredible perseverance, and that will serve you well in any workplace. Many people will read you as having great managerial potential — but be careful not to come on too strong. Keep taking initiative, keep taking risks, but don’t brag about your inventiveness or accomplishments. Allow your work ethic and intelligence to speak for themselves.

That summary couldn’t be more accurate! I do need a sense of self-worth and self-sacrifice from my career (I am a fixer by nature, regardless of whether I want to be). I do take risks and initiative and I try very hard to let the work speak for itself (and not come on too strong, which is super-easy for me). I’m not looking to become a public servant or athlete anytime soon, but after reading this I feel more energized to move forward in my career, now whether that means staying put or moving on… I think that might be a whole new blog post.

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