Zendaya Shines in a Schiaparelli Skirt [Love the Look!]

Zendaya looks classic in this gorgeous Schiaparelli Italian gingham pencil skirt – find out how to get one for yourself.

Is there anything Zendaya can’t do? She’s an incredibly talented actress (just watch Euphoria season 2, episode 5 titled: “Stand Still Like the Hummingbird?”); not to mention a gifted singer and a beautiful fashionista. I could go on and on about this once-Disney Channel star, but in this post, I’d prefer to go on and on about her recent look. It’s also worth noting that the gorgeous Spider-Man actress is showing off her new bob cut, but again, I’m here for the outfit. Check her out in this incredible Schiaparelli Italian gingham pencil skirt!

Get Zendaya’s Schiaparelli Padlock Pencil Wrap Skirt

For an easy 2,000 euros, this Italian gingham pencil wrap skirt can be yours.

This wrap pencil skirt in gingham features gilded brass bijoux buttons in the shape of Padlocks, a signature symbol of the Maison since 1935 when it first appeared in the Schiaparelli Fall-Winter Haute Couture collection on a handbag.

Purchase the skirt for yourself at

And again, if you haven’t seen Zendaya in Euphoria’s fifth episode in the second season, here is just a taste of how good she is (NSFW):