Michelle Khare Trains For the Bomb Squad – Watch!

Michelle Khare Trains For the Bomb Squad – Watch!

There are certain professions in this world that I DO NOT understand, but I’m very glad they exist. Take, for example, joining a bomb squad. These brave individuals put their lives on the line to combat explosives and other incendiary devices, and I’m so impressed by anyone with that kind of courage. That being said… NO.FREAKING.WAY!

But just because I don’t want to deal in explosives doesn’t mean I’m not curious about what it takes to train for the role. This is where Michelle Khare comes in—the YouTube daredevil enrolled in bomb squad training for the newest edition of Challenge Accepted.

In the video below, Michelle Khare learns about bombs and the mental and physical strength needed to perform the job. And all of that is done before the final task of disabling an explosive all alone. The bomb squad training is fascinating, and Khare is always super entertaining. Watch now!

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