Yummy Cheesy Breakfast Tacos Recipe [Food Finds]

You had me at crispy, cheesy breakfast tacos! Those four words have stolen my heart, and I can't wait to dig in. Get the recipe.

Bella Hadid Is Angelic in a Lace Strapless Sundress [Love the Look!]

Bella Hadid looks good in anything, but she looks particularly stunning in this modern and elegant lace strapless sundress from Rokh.

Nobody Joins A Cult On Purpose: Former Cult Member Explains

Nobody joins a cult on purpose, which is a scary thought. Former NXIVM cult member Sarah Edmondson explains how to spot a cult.

Book Review: Come and Get It by Kiley Reid

Kiley Reid's Come and Get It is a realistic look at the problems in a college dorm; find out more about the book and read my review.

Explosive Animated Short: The Flying Sailor

The Flying Sailor was nominated for a 2023 Academy Award for good reason. Watch the entire animated short film inspired by real-life events.

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