That Moment You Became Friends with Your Mom

It's not cool to become friends with your mom... until it is! Kris Collins demonstrates how most moms feel when that moment finally comes.

What’s Your Favorite Regional US Hot Dog?

Holy Smokies! Who knew there were so many hot dog varieties in the United States? Let’s take a virtual food tour. Hot Dogs are a staple worldwide (have you tried an Icelandic hot dog?!), but...

What Was That?! House of Hammer – An Armie Hammer Documentary

If you love Hollywood, sex scandals, and true crime, the "House of Hammer" documentary is definitely one to watch! Find out my thoughts.

Exquisite Fall-Winter Campaign Pairs Gucci with Stanley Kubrick

The new Gucci Exquisite fall-winter campaign combines the look and feel of iconic Stanley Kubrick movies with high-end fashion. Take a look!

Travel Between NYC & DC in Luxury on the Jet Bus

Would you take a luxury first-class bus ride instead of a train or flying? It might not be that crazy. Check out The Jet bus.

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