The History of Weed – How Far Back Does it Go?

Happy 4-20 smokers everywhere! Let's blaze a trail into the past and examine the hazy and wacky history of weed.

The Autism Spectrum: How Much Do You Understand?

How much do you actually know about the autism spectrum? Don't you think it's time to educate yourself? Get ready to learn!

“Ride” Brings Annie Londonderry’s Epic Ride to the Stage

Pedal through time to witness the incredible tale of Annie Londonderry in Ride, a new musical that's as adventurous as its leading lady!

Bram Stoker’s Conspiracy Theory: Queen Elizabeth I Was a Man?!

Bram Stoker shocked readers with his theory that Queen Elizabeth I may have been hiding a surprising secret: her true gender.

Book Review: One by One by Freida McFadden

One by One is yet another thrilling page-turner from mystery writer Freida McFadden. Find out more and read my review.

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