Switched At Birth: The True Story of Robin and Gavin

Two boys accidentally switched at birth; what happens when their mothers find out, and how do the boys feel now as they look back?

The Challenge: Home Turf Follows Your Favorite Champs Home

Peek into the lives of your favorite The Challenge stars in MTV's new YouTube series, The Challenge: Home Turf.

Podcast Review: Wild Boys from the Chameleon Podcast

What would you do if two “Wild Boys” showed up in your town without family or connections? How far would you go to help them?

Three Identical Strangers – True Story of Triplets Separated At Birth

Three Identical Strangers is the real-life story of identical triplets separated at birth in an experiment to study nature versus nurture.

Bill Durden is ‘Lost at Sea’ from Charles Schwab

What would be the most frightening place to be dropped off for 20 hours? Lost at Sea: Bill Durden answers that question.

Category - Human Interest

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