Iowa Teen Saves Man and Dog in Icy Rescue [Good News]

It's time for some good news! An Iowa teen makes a daring rescue in the icy waters of Lake Okoboji - watch the incredible act unfold.

The Australian Female Voice Behind Your GPS Directions

How does one become the Australian female voice in a GPS?! Find out more about Karen Jacobsen... her voice might sound familiar!

Did Scientology Cover Up a High-Ranking Member’s Suicide?

Did Scientology cover up a member's brutal death by suicide, or did it just go unnoticed? What happened after Whitney Mills died?

My Dudaś: A Woman’s Love for her Favorite Squirrel [Doc Short]

Dudaś is a one-of-a-kind squirrel, and his relationship with his human mother is captured in this short from filmmaker Tom Krawczyk.

Rachel Hollis: The Rise and Fall of a Self-Help Empire [Cult Status]

Rachel Hollis skyrocketed to fame as a self-help influencer until her privileged views took her down. Find out more about her rise and fall.

Exploring Luna Parc: The Home Where Reality Meets Fantasy

Transport yourself to a world of art and whimsy, unlike anything you've ever seen before. Visit Luna Parc in rural New Jersey!

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