Avengers Crucifixion Musical (Yep, You Read That Right) [Sunday Best]

Imagine going to church on Easter only to find Iron Man standing in for the role of Jesus. Welcome to the Avengers Crucifixion Musical!

I Was a Westboro Baptist Church Member

As a former member, Megan Phelps-Roper speaks out about her time with the Westboro Baptist Church. Watch the TED Talk.

The Failed Holy Land Experience of Orlando, Florida [Sunday Best]

In the beginning, God, nope, not God, man created The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida. So why did this Christian theme park fail?

The Jews! A Comedic Short About Modern Day Anti-Semitism

The Jews! from Ari Frenkel is a funny and poignant short film that tackles modern-day antisemitism through comedy. Watch!

Category - Religion & Spirituality

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