The Melany Mixed Media Dress [Love the Look!]

The Melany Mixed Media dress is my new favorite sleek but casual look. Find out more below including where to get yours today!

The Miniskirt: Everything You Wanted to Know and More!

A brief history of the smallest and trendiest piece in your wardrobe: The miniskirt. How much do you already know?!

Why Victorian Green Was a Killer Look… Literally!

Are you willing to die for your fashion choices?! Wearing a victorian green dress back in the day was a super risky move – find out why!

This is Fashion?! Hot Dog Dress and Bun Cape

If you’re into wearing expensive fashion that looks like food, this hot dog dress and bun cape from Moschino is just what you need!

THIS Dazzling Emerald Green Jumpsuit [Love the Look!]

This New Year's Eve, dance the night away in this incredibly comfortable yet absolutely stunning emerald green jumpsuit!

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