Tatsuya Tanaka Creates Artistic Miniature Dioramas!

Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka is creating the most incredible miniature dioramas - there are hundreds; check out some of my favorites!

Photographer Hal Shrink Wraps Your Family Photo [Photography]

Photographer Hal demonstrates familial love and intimacy by photographing his subjects in shrink-wrap. The result is provocative and unique!

The Frozen Sand Sculptures of The Great Lakes [Photography]

Winter on Lake Michigan can produce some of the most beautiful natural art you’ve ever seen. Check out these frozen sand sculptures!

Climate Emergency: A Collaboration on Climate Change

Climate Emergency – Exquisite Corpse brings multiple animators together in a collaboration that raises the awareness of climate change.

Experience Kauai, Hawaii Through a Gorgeous Timelapse Video

Experience all of Kauai's beauty through Symphony of Light, a beautiful timelapse video you don't want to miss.

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