Top That! Scene from 1989’s “Teen Witch” [Favorite Scenes]

If you love the 1980s stereotypes and cheesy supernatural romances, Teen Witch is the movie for you! Watch my favorite scene: Top That!

Haka: New Zealand’s Dance of War

New Zealand's Haka is a traditional dance of power and intimidation. Learn more about the history and meaning.

High School Dance Team Recreates Barbie Dance Party Scene

Get ready to watch the Barbie dance party scene as you've never seen it before - watch as a high school dance team recreates the movie scene.

Raised by Krump: A Short Film About Dance and Culture

“Raised by Krump” explores the LA-born dance movement “krumping,” and how the dance has helped some of the area’s most influential dancers.

Unspoken: A Funeral Through Dance [Father’s Day Without Dad]

Unspoken: A Funeral Through Dance is a powerful documentary and will speak to anyone experiencing Father's Day without their dad. Watch.

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