Haka: New Zealand’s Dance of War

New Zealand’s Haka is a traditional dance of power and intimidation. Learn more about the history and meaning.

Somebody That I Used To Know: CDK Dance Channels Wes Anderson

The CDK dance company has been getting noticed all over the world! Watch their incredible "Somebody That I Used To Know" performance.

Fat Man Dancing – A Body-Positive Poem by Jared Singer

Jared Singer is super body-positive with the poem Fat Man Dancing – watch his performance now! Watch his live performance.

Wizard of Oz Homecoming Dance Routine [Best of Dance]

Walden Grove High School rocks their pep rally with a brilliant Wizard of Oz homecoming dance team routine.

The Quick History of Ballet in Russia [Dance Lesson]

How well do you know the history of ballet in Russia? Learn how the dance originated and grew in popularity over time.

Category - Dance

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