Switched At Birth: The True Story of Robin and Gavin

Two boys accidentally switched at birth; what happens when their mothers find out, and how do the boys feel now as they look back?

What Was That?! House of Hammer – An Armie Hammer Documentary

If you love Hollywood, sex scandals, and true crime, the House of Hammer documentary is definitely one to watch! Find out my thoughts.

Courtney Clenney: OnlyFans Model Turned Murderer

How does someone on the verge of massive social media success end up in jail for murder? Find out more about Courtney Clenney.

Stabbing Victim Ed Gavagan Finds A Path to Recovery

Ed Gavagan is a survivor. His story is one of forgiveness and healing after a devastating random act of violence. Hear his story.

Murder Is Her Hobby: Frances Glessner Lee

Frances Glessner Lee is known as the mother of forensic science, but maybe a more accurate title is the mother of murder dioramas!

Category - True Crime

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