I’m Just Ken: Behind the Scenes of the Barbie Movie’s Hit Song

Watch the behind-the-scenes version of the "I'm Just Ken" music video featuring Ryan Gosling and Greta Gerwig!

Bradley Cooper is Leonard Bernstein in “Maestro”

"Maestro" stars Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan as Leonard Bernstein and his wife Felicia. Watch the trailer.

High School Dance Team Recreates Barbie Dance Party Scene

Get ready to watch the Barbie dance party scene as you've never seen it before - watch as a high school dance team recreates the movie scene.

Just Ken – Ryan Gosling Sings His Heart Out in New Barbie Video

Aww, Ken - he always comes in second place; when will the poor guy catch a break? Watch Ryan Gosling's music video "Just Ken" from Barbie the movie!

Killers of the Flower Moon Trailer with Leonardo DiCaprio

The bestselling non-fiction book is coming to a screen near you. Watch the Killers of the Flower Moon trailer starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Fact or Fiction: The Historical Accuracy of Pirate Movies

Avast, Me Hearties! It's time to navigate these rough waters and unveil the historical accuracy behind some of the most popular pirate movies.

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