The Day the Music Died – The Story of American Pie [What to Watch]

The Day the Music Died is about the song "American Pie," and it might be one of the most exciting music documentaries I've watched all year!

American Prophet: A Frederick Douglass Historical Musical

American Prophet is a powerful, historical musical about Frederick Douglass pulled from his own words. See it now at Arena Stage in DC!

Heardle is my New Favorite Trivia Game [Listen Up!]

Heardle is my new favorite game - anyone can play! Guess the song in six tries using short audio clues. Perfect for music lovers of all ages.

Drumfolk at DC’s Arena Stage [Must-See Theater]

Drumfolk has been one of the most entertaining plays I've seen in a long time. Find out why you need to purchase tickets now.

Taylor Swift: ‘Carolina’ from Where The Crawdads Sing [Lyric Video]

Taylor Swift's new song, "Carolina," from the upcoming movie Where the Crawdads Sing, is hauntingly beautiful. Watch the lyric video.

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