Gorgeous Music/Travel Video of China: For I Only Need Awakening

Rachel Goldsworthy’s For I Only Need Awakening combines her travel video footage from China with the music of Nuages and the words of Alan Watts.

‘For I Only Needed Awakening’ is a collection of the beautiful people and places that captured my curiosity in between work trips to China from 2013-2016. I wanted to create it for my friend Fiona who made my time there so memorable and helped me to fall in love with the culture even if she didn’t realise it. After a lot of change in both our lives this past year I thought that we could use a reminder of how great we are, how great humans are and how exciting the future will be – even if it’s at times hard to see. There comes a point in your life when you realise what really matters, what never did, and what always will. The same can be said for who. Sometimes we just need the reminder to wake up to that.

Rachel Goldsworthy

The track, Dreams, by producer Nuages, can be found on SoundCloud:

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