The First Penthouse Apartments in New York City

The Dakota may be New York City’s most renowned apartment building, but did you know it pioneered the penthouse suite?

Is it any surprise that New York City, with its stunning historical and modern architecture, has revolutionized city living for the wealthy? Discover how The Dakota transformed the penthouse suite.

Most associate The Dakota, a historic apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, with John Lennon’s murder or the famous Rolling Stone cover shoot with Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono. But The Dakota has been home to numerous masters of their industry, including artists, writers, composers, journalists, and more. The cultural impact of its tenants over the years is remarkable, but perhaps its lasting legacy is the design and architecture. Aside from the penthouse apartment, many other buildings copied The Dakota over the years because of its success.

Find out more about The Dakota and other similar apartment buildings in the video below: