This Japanese Lantern Candle Creates a Calming Ambiance

After the world has come crashing in one too many times, I need to bring out all the stops to center myself. Lighting is always key to a calming atmosphere in my home, and this Japanese Lantern Candle creates the perfect ambiance.

Bring a gentle light to your room the way the Japanese once lit up the night skies with this modern rendition of an iconic lantern design. Inspired the by the classic “chouchin” lanterns that brightened up festivals and traditional bars, this candle holder offers a relaxing glow that can help you center yourself before you head for bed. And once the candle has sufficiently melted inside, watch the mesmerizing dance of the light through the unique undulating surface of the candle.

  • Minimalist design brings a touch of Japan to any interior
  • Candles are handmade by craftsmen in Kurashiki, Japan
  • Patented technology prevents the outer was from melting

In the world of home decor, where innovation meets tradition, the Chouchin emerges as a captivating blend of both. This unique, pillar-shaped candle, inspired by the serene aesthetics of a traditional Japanese ‘chouchin’ lantern, represents a harmonious fusion of design and function.

From Flame to Elegance, the Unique Candle That Becomes a Japanese Lantern – Yanko Design

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