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What Is It Like Living On a Houseboat All Year?

Imagine spending the entire year on a charming tiny houseboat – doesn’t it seem romantic?! Discover what life is like for one Toronto resident.

Toronto, Canada, is a lovely city, but as it grows in popularity, so do housing costs. As a result, some residents are considering other living options, such as houseboats! That sounds wonderful to me! But a lot goes into living on a houseboat over the seasons – do you know what it takes?!


There’s nothing quite like a lazy overcast Sunday on my houseboat ❤️ Usually I’m out walking, exercising, working, running errands, or doing something on a weekend morning, but it was nice to give myself a few hours of just enjoying the peace and quiet of my little waterside tiny home. I hope you are enjoying a restful Sunday as well! #houseboatlife #tinyhomelife #tinyhomeliving #houseboat

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Kate (@mylittlehouseboat), a houseboat owner, has one of the most adorable houseboats I’ve ever seen, and she makes the most of it all year. Kate takes us on a virtual tour of her home in the video below, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be envious of Kate and her lifestyle by the end!

Kate has been living full-time on this super charming tiny houseboat since 2020. In this video, she shares a full tour of her home on the water, as well as her experience as a liveaboard in a marina, including some of the challenges, the monthly expenses, the incredible community, the renovations and maintenance, how the systems work, and more! The houseboat is approximately 550-600 square feet, and includes the main level and the loft bedroom. Kate’s houseboat is connected to city water and hydro electricity, and she has a septic tank for waste. She also has a high-speed internet connection at the dock which allows her to work from home.