A Futuristic Animated Short: 7th Aeon

A Futuristic Animated Short: 7th Aeon

7th Aeon is a digital, animated short that serves as a warning message about what can happen when man stops adapting to the needs of the environment and starts adapting to the environment to meet their needs instead.

“Life that does not adapt and evolve, ceases to exist.”

7th Aeon

Created by Mads Broni, 7th Aeon holds a mirror up to humanity and asks for anyone watching to take a good, long look. It is no longer fun to find ways to reach our goals within the limitations of the physical world, so we turn to a limitless, virtual one instead. This seems like a harmless playground at first, but what is it doing to us long term?

Racing to the red light, only to find themselves wanting to go further. They have ripped the natural world apart and surrendered their freedom to a joyless gratification.

Direction, Animation: Mads Broni
Illustration, Character Animation: Salla Lehmus
Music, Sound Design: Echoic Audio
Narration: Gillian Burke

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