Ryan Gosling & Friends Perform I’m Just Ken [Oscars]

We will probably remember that Oppenheimer took home the statue for Best Picture, but when we think back to this year’s Oscars ceremony, we will absolutely remember Ryan Gosling. From the joke about him winning the genetic lottery (truth!) to his chemistry with Emily Blunt as they honored stunt performers to his perfect performance of “I’m Just Ken” from Barbie, it was Gosling’s night, and the rest of us were just along for the ride.

“I’m Just Ken” was easily the biggest highlight of the night, and while Gosling was center stage, he didn’t perform alone. Fellow Kens Simu Liu, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Ncuti Gatwa, and Scott Evans brought the energy, while Mark Ronson and his team rocked the house. We also saw appearances from Greta Gerwig, Margot Robbie, Billie Eilish, Kate McKinnon, Emma Stone, and more. And, in case you think I forgot, let us all bow down to the guitar god that is Slash from Guns N Roses!

Why are you still here reading this?! Watch the whole performance of “I’m Just Ken” below:

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