Can You Live As A Functioning Heroin Addict?

You’ve probably met or known a functioning alcoholic or a functioning pothead. There’s a chance you’re one yourself. There may be occasions when we hope these functioning addicts are not using (for example, when driving), but from a broad viewpoint, it appears possible to use those substances and live a somewhat “normal” life. Is the situation the same for a heroin addict?

Because I was relatively naive to the drug, I believed the old propaganda that all heroin addicts were criminals or dying on the streets. In my mind, I judged these “junkies” and branded them villains. It wasn’t until lately that I realized how common the addiction is and how my helpful neighbor is just as likely to be an addict as any criminal. That begs the question, is it possible to live as a functioning heroin addict?

VICE recently asked that same question of real high-functioning addicts, and you might be surprised at what they discovered. Watch:

VICE’s Tir Dhondy explores the hidden world of functioning heroin users who claim to balance their recreational drug use with an otherwise normal lifestyle and asks the question: is it really possible to be a functioning heroin user?

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