Switched At Birth: The True Story of Robin and Gavin

Two boys accidentally switched at birth; what happens when their mothers find out and how do the boys feel now as they look back?

What Was That? My Thoughts on The Deep End Docuseries

Is Teal Swan a pioneer in the self-help industry, or is she a dangerous cult leader? Read my thoughts on The Deep End docuseries.

Chloe Ayling: Missing European Model – Kidnapping or Scam?

Chloe Ayling is a beautiful model who went missing back in 2018. The only question is, was she a kidnapping victim or a scam artist?

Podcast Review: CounterClock – The Murder of Denise Johnson

Revisit the fascinating murder of Denise Johnson 22 years later in a new podcast from the Crime Junkies team and Delia D’ambra: CounterClock.

Pivot Airlines Flight Crew Still Trapped in the Dominican Republic [Drugs]

A Pivot Airlines flight crew from Canada is trapped in the Dominican Republic after reporting suspicious bags before take-off. Get the story.

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