Exploring Luna Parc: The Home Where Reality Meets Fantasy

Artists and unique home lovers need to visit Luna Parc. The New Jersey house is like no other and was custom-designed, built, and decorated by owner and artist Ricky Boscarino. The home doubles as a museum, where Boscarino’s artwork and collectibles are embedded in the structure and displayed throughout each room.

Boscarino started with a small house in the woods in 1988/1989, and over the decades, he has crafted a surreal 11-story home that he occasionally opens up to the public. The house has served as his personal living space, his artist workshop, a classroom, and a museum. He has even created a foundation to take over Luna Parc when he dies.

If you’re looking for a truly unique and unforgettable experience, be sure to check out Luna Parc and watch the video below for a full tour:

Welcome to Luna Parc – the home of madcap artist Ricky Boscarino. This house has been Ricky’s lifelong art project and obsession. He started with a 600 sq ft cabin, that was falling apart, in 1988. He was 28 years old. Over the next 33 years, he meticulously renovated, added on, and redecorated with mosaic, sculpture, and many other art forms. Now the home is over 5,000 square feet and houses Ricky’s huge collection of artifacts from all over the world. It became such a place of interest, Ricky started opening his home to the public (as a museum) in the early 2000s. But the work isn’t complete! Take a tour to see what is possible when one man dedicates his life to his home.

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