IRL: South Park’s Casa Bonita Restaurant

Casa Bonita, the restaurant featured in South Park, seemed cool, but it couldn’t be a real place, right?! Wrong. See it for yourself the next time you’re in Denver, Colorado. In addition to writing the restaurant into their show, creators Matt Parker and Trey Stone were apparently huge fans when they were kids. They didn’t want to make fun of the eatery; instead, they wanted to pay tribute. Cartman’s favorite features in the series were the same as Parker and Stone’s favorite features in real life.

Casa Bonita first opened in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and grew to Denver as part of a chain. Owner Bill Waugh wanted to create a unique dining experience for families where all ages could be entertained. Because of this vision, the loyal staff works hard to ensure every diner leaves happy. Customers keep coming back for more, and from watching the video at the bottom, it’s pretty easy to see why. First, check out Casa Bonita’s debut on South Park:

Follow Mike Mason, general manager of the Denver location, on a tour of the 52,000 sq. ft. restaurant and learn all about the food, entertainment, design, and history. Discover the overall experience that is Casa Bonita:

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