Florence Pugh Leaves Hollywood for the Rainforests of Costa Rica

In National Geographic’s Running Wild, actor Florence Pugh and adventurer Bear Grylls explore Costa Rica’s volcanic rainforest. Watch!

Volcanoes and rainforests have intrigued me since I first traveled outside of the United States. The landscapes are gorgeous and fascinating and sustain their own unique ecology. There are aspects of nature that can only be found on or near a volcano or in or near a rainforest. I’ve also become intrigued by the career of actor Florence Pugh. Her ability to seamlessly transition from action sequences to nuanced drama is comparable to great actors twice her age. She is fearless in film, but is she fearless in real life?

Recently National Geographic paired Florence Pugh with Bear Grylls on his adventure reality series, Running Wild with Bear Grylls. Together the two travel across the volcanic rainforests of Costa Rica, and it may not be as easy as they thought. (And it all starts with a simple jump from a helicopter.) This is one adventure you won’t want to miss!

Bear takes actress Florence Pugh on an adventure into the volcanic rainforests of Costa Rica. They abseil out of a helicopter, traverse river rapids, and depth sound to determine whether it’s safe to dive from a towering cliff. On Day 2 Florence is faced with a massive cliff rappel where she needs to tie the knot that will hold them. And before the journey is over Bear has one final epic surprise.