Whittier, Alaska: The Town that Eats, Sleeps, and Prays Under One Roof

Okay. Picture this: Whittier, Alaska; present-day; an entire town, all living in one building. (Tell me, at least one of you caught that Golden Girls homage? You’re my hero, Sophia!). As someone who has lived their life in and around cities like DCNYC, and Boston, the idea of a whole town living in one building seems ridiculous. But after listening to the residents’ experience, the entire concept actually seems nice… as long as you don’t mind everyone up in your business and don’t plan on dating.

Whittier, originally named after a glacier, which was named after American poet John Greenleaf Whittier, was first formed as a military facility during World War II. Around the time of the Cold War, the Hodge Building, later renamed the Begich Towers, was built as a barracks for those stationed at the base. When the military shut down their operations and moved out, those residents who remained moved in. Today, the majority of the roughly 220 residents live in Begich Towers. The building has a church, post office, general store, and more under the same roof. If you like a quiet life surrounded by wildlife and nature, Whittier might be the place for you.

Find out more about the quaint, remote town of Whittier, Alaska, and its residents:

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