Jennifer Garner’s Thank You Note to Teachers is Everything These Days

Jennifer Garner’s Thank You Note to Teachers is Everything These Days

Being a teacher these days is hard because ____ (insert your reason here). No matter what reason you choose, it’s true. Have you considered all your educators are dealing with? When was the last time you wrote a teacher a thank you note?

Whether it’s due to political pressures, a lack of resources, or societal changes, the struggle is real. Educators, once revered and respected, now often face criticism and disrespect from overbearing parents and governing boards. Is it any wonder that more teachers are leaving the profession than ever before? This is why public support, like Jennifer Garner’s heartfelt thank you note, is more crucial than ever.

Parents should really take Jennifer Garner’s thank you note to heart. It’s so easy to complain when we’re unhappy with a situation, but how often do we offer praise or compliments when things are going well? How often do we express our gratitude and trust in our educators? Not nearly enough. Tell your teachers (at least the good ones) that they matter!

Thank you for being a safe haven for my family; the world is a lot for anyone and so many children struggle with real loss and hardship that it feels selfish to want more for kids who have so much. But I wanted my three to have a safe space where they could focus on the business of being little, and where education and character were prioritized,” Garner wrote. “What I didn’t know to want: teachers who were willing to dress up on theme for Halloween, to wait with baited breath for Zero the Hero, to choose the perfect book/science project/Spanish song, to travel with forty kids, to play hockey at lunch, to spend months working toward an art fair or performance or the incredible feat of filling in a globe with its countries and capitols.

Read Jennifer Garner’s thank you note on Instagram:

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