Let’s Make the Downton Abbey LEGO Set a Reality!

Let’s Make the Downton Abbey LEGO Set a Reality!

Let’s hit pause on all the Polin drama from Bridgerton season 3 and take a delightful detour to another beloved historical drama set in England: Downton Abbey. Now, you might be scratching your head, wondering why I’m dusting off the Dowager’s pearls when there’s no current buzz about our favorite British saga. But hold onto your tea cups, folks, because I just discovered there’s a Downton LEGO set, and it’s absolutely incredible!

Just in time to celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary next year, LEGO builder BRO3 decided to pay homage to historical drama series Downton Abbey with a dedicated LEGO set. The LEGO Ideas Downton Abbey set comes with an incredibly detailed build of the old Highclere Castle, along with all its occupants from the vast Crawley family to the butlers and castle caretakers who make up the cast of the show. The detailed model comes with multiple rooms, up to 15 minifigures (16 if you include the dog Pharoah), and even Lady Mary’s bench – an iconic part of the series!

This LEGO set isn’t available for purchase quite yet because it’s a fan design. But you can help make it real by upvoting the idea at LEGO IDEAS – Downton Abbey: Highclere Castle.

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