What Is It Like to Visit Baghdad in 2024? [Around the World]

What Is It Like to Visit Baghdad in 2024? [Around the World]

I recently visited North Africa and was a bundle of nerves before my travels. (Before we go any further, yes, I know Iraq is in Asia, but stay with me for a minute.) I’d heard a mix of things—some good, some not so good—about the region, and I didn’t know what to expect. It’s funny how the unknown can be the scariest part of a trip. But once I arrived, many of my worries faded away. I was reminded, yet again, that we’re all just people, living in different parts of the world. Everywhere I went, humanity was on display; I was met with such kindness and hospitality. More importantly, I was able to debunk some misconceptions I had before visiting. This is why travel is so crucial and why I firmly believe that we can heal the world through traveling and understanding other cultures, the good and the bad. Am I naive? Maybe. But it’s what I believe. That’s also why I’m such a fan of Yes Theory, especially with their recent trip to Baghdad, Iraq, in 2024.

Given my age, all I really know about Baghdad is conflict and war. The Outkast song titled “Bombs Over Baghdad” pretty much summed up my thoughts whenever the city was mentioned. As a privileged young (ignorant) American, I didn’t think to learn more about the city. Now that I’m older, things have changed. I want to understand the world. I want to learn about people and places without my unconscious bias getting in the way. And while I know that’s not entirely possible, I will continue to try.

I’ve never been to Iraq, though I’m eager to visit, but Baghdad was never on my radar. No matter how open I am to traveling and exploring unknown places, it didn’t seem like an option. All I could think of were bombed-out buildings and people suffering all over the city. I’d never considered its history, culture, or the fact that it’s regarded as the cradle of civilization. And shame on me for that. So, when I stumbled upon the video below, I was intrigued. It answered a question I didn’t even know I had: what is it like to visit Baghdad in 2024?

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