Living Off-Grid: 14 Years of Self-Sufficient Living

Who hasn’t dreamed of living off-grid at some point?! Unfortunately, it’s not an easy task, but this couple has been doing it successfully for 14 years!

Stephanie and Joel have lived off-grid for 14 years now, which is a pretty impressive fete when you think about it. When you live this way, you have to generate your own power, light, water, food, and more. When they first started out, they had very little to work with and had to build up their home and surrounding area from scratch. In the early days, they used candlelight in the evenings and salvaged whatever they could find to create their home. Now they live in a lovely cabin with solar power, a wood-burning stove, and working appliances.

They built their home on shared land using materials they salvaged from the dump, wood from a building they took apart themselves, and whatever free stuff they could get their hands on. They had no electricity in the beginning so they only had candles. Eventually, they got a solar panel and a battery to run lights, and the systems have evolved from there.

In the video below, learn all about Stephanie and Joel’s journey and why they love living off-grid:

Stephanie and Joel share their 14-year journey of building a home from reclaimed materials, living off-grid with solar power, and growing a lot of their own food, from fruits and veggies to milk, meat, and honey.

Are you ready to ditch your easy modern conveniences to live off-grid?! There are a lot of good reasons to try, including independence, cost savings, environmental benefits, increased privacy, and self-sufficiency. However, it also presents challenges, particularly in terms of accessing services and resources. If you are considering living off the grid, it is important to weigh the pros and cons carefully and be prepared for the challenges that come with it. Do your research before you give it a go!