patron cake from cakegawd

AMAZING Patron Cake Exposed a Cheating Boyfriend!

This insanely gorgeous Patron Cake from TikTok user cakegawd (AKA CupCakeMaMa216) exposed a cheating boyfriend – listen to the story!

Well… this is a new one! Of course, we’ve all heard the stories: cheating boyfriend exposed after girlfriend finds credit card charges or weird texts/calls. But stop me if you’ve heard this one, a woman finds out her man is cheating because his side-piece ordered a fantastic cake for his birthday. No? Well, that’s exactly what happened when TikTok user @cakegawd made an amazing Patron cake.

First, when you watch the TikTok below, don’t let the story distract you from the incredible Patron Cake time-lapse video. No wonder both women in Brian’s (sp?) life ordered the exact cake for his birthday.

As the Cleveland baker explains, two women separately requested the exact Patron Cake with the inscription, ‘happy birthday, Brian.’ They also asked for their cakes to be ready on the same day. But when you’re an in-demand baker, you don’t have time to think it’s anything more than a coincidence. Only, in this case, it wasn’t. And when photos of the first cake were posted online, things didn’t go so well for Brian on his birthday. Watch!