Man in the backyard looking up at the sky filled with shooting stars

Man Finally Makes Contact With International Space Station

A radio amateur enthusiast made contact with the International Space Station, and his delight is contagious. Check it out!

Pretend you’re an amateur ham radio operator who finally makes contact with the International Space Station after many failed attempts. Can you even begin to imagine how happy you’d be? That’s precisely how YouTuber Doug felt when a voice answered back!

After hearing that the space station was responding to the occasional amateur radio enthusiasts, Doug decided to try communicating. He made attempts day after day with no success but persisted regardless. He tried again on Memorial Day weekend, and this time, the unexpected happened.

In the video below, Doug makes several attempts at communication, and just as it appears he’ll have to try again another day, the space station responds! Doug tries hard to disguise his happiness, but I defy you not to smile when you see how happy he is. Congratulations, Doug! Watch the feel-good video below:

I’ve made numerous voice and APRS contacts over the FM satellites and the ISS repeater. But I’ve always wanted to talk to an astronaut. Over the Memorial Day weekend I finally made that contact. I made contact with the ISS and talked to Woody Hoburg. What a thrill. The video got pretty lengthy so I’ve edited it for time sake. Please enjoy and 73!