Marilyn Monroe in a Potato Sack [Iconic Photos]

As the story goes, Marilyn Monroe attended a lavish Hollywood party during the height of her career, wearing a beautiful, somewhat revealing red dress. The dress drew the attention of a woman reporter who later made derogatory remarks about Monroe and the dress in print. The reporter, who did not approve of the red dress, commented that Monroe would’ve looked better wearing a potato sack.

Time Capsule Tales on X: “@fasc1nate Marilyn Monroe wore a low-cut red dress to a party. The next morning, a columnist complained that Marilyn Monroe was “cheap and vulgar,” and would have looked more decent in a potato sack. Marilyn’s response was this. (1951)” / X

Twentieth Century Fox took advantage of the media attention, setting up a now infamous photo shoot of Monroe wearing a potato sack. And she looked stunning! How many of us could pull this off? I certainly couldn’t.

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