The Second Sister is an inspirational novel about “family, second chances–and the connections that bring women together in hope and healing.”

The Second Sister by Marie Bostwick follows Lucy Toomey, a woman working in the fast-paced political arena, who learns of her sister’s unexpected death. As Lucy puts Alice’s affairs in order, she begins to her learn her sister had a beautiful life that Lucy never knew about. This book is about mending broken, family relationships, even when doing so seems impossible.

Review (and light Spoilers) Below:

While helping to lead a presidential campaign, Lucy Toomey learns of her sister’s death.  Racked with guilt, she returns home to Nilson’s Bay, Wisconsin – a place she never wanted to go back to again.  Lucy is anxious to put Alice’s affairs in order and return to her own life but it seemed Alice had other plans. In her will, Alice made it impossible for Lucy to leave; it forced her to live in Alice’s home, meet Alice’s friends, and learn more about Alice’s life in Nilson’s Bay.

The Second Sister was a nice read and while it wasn’t one of my favorites, it certainly had its charm. I was fully engaged in Lucy’s fast-paced political career, and just like the main character, I was anxious to know if her candidate would win or lose. I was genuinely sad for Lucy when she learned her sister was in the hospital; and I desperately wanted her to reach her sister before it was too late. I was heartbroken to know that Lucy’s emotionally draining journey to get home to her sister was for nothing. Alice died as Lucy waited in the airport for a connecting flight.

At this point in the book, Lucy was very real to me; she was quick, smart and 100% a character I wanted to follow through the rest of the book. I understood every move she made in regards to her sister’s estate and every reaction she had to her sister’s friends. Unfortunately, about halfway through, I began to lose interest in the character. Fortunately, just as I began to grow bored with Lucy, the life of Alice started to fascinate me.

The ending of the book was easy to predict, which might be why this book did not land on my ‘favorites’ list. The characters were lovely, the story was good, but the ending was nothing remarkable or even memorable. If you’re looking for a story to “grab” you, I’m not sure this is your book; but if you’re looking for nice, sweet read, this novel might be just what you’re looking for.