The Second Sister by Marie Bostwick [Book Review]

The Second Sister by author Marie Bostwick follows Lucy Toomey as she returns home after her sister’s unexpected death. Lucy, who has been gone for a long while, discovers her sister had a beautiful life, and she missed it. This story, published in 2015, is about mending broken family relationships, even when doing so seems impossible.

While helping to lead a presidential campaign, Lucy Toomey learns her sister Alice died. Racked with guilt, she reluctantly returns home to Wisconsin, but Lucy is anxious to get back to her career as soon as possible. Unfortunately, in her will, Alice has made it impossible for Lucy to leave. She is forced to live in Alice’s home, meet Alice’s friends, and learn more about Alice’s life before she can return to her “normal” life.

The Second Sister had its charm, but it wasn’t my favorite. In the beginning, Lucy was very real to me; she was quick, smart, and a character I was invested in. But, about halfway through, I began to lose interest. Fortunately, just as I got bored with Lucy, Alice’s story got interesting.

The book’s ending was easy to predict, which is one reason I found it good but not great. The characters were sweet, and the story was good, but the ending wasn’t very memorable. So if you’re looking for a gripping story, I’m not sure this is your book; but if you’re looking for a nice read, this novel might be just what you’re looking for.

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