Mix Tape: Poor People’s Store by Shinyribs from Fargo

Can we take a minute to talk about Fargo Season 5? It’s next level. Jon Hamm, Juno Temple, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Dave Foley, Lamorne Morris, Joe Keery… it’s like they packed all the talent they could find into one show! And don’t get me started on the writing—it’s pure genius. But you know what really stole the show for me? The opening song of one of the season’s best episodes: “Blanket.” I can’t stop humming “Poor People’s Store” by Shinyribs.

This song has layers. It paints a picture of a store where everything is secondhand and worn-in, mirroring the struggles of those who might shop there. And yet, an underlying resilience and humor hits you right away.

Shinyribs is from Austin, Texas, and was started by Kevin Russell from The Gourds in 2006. I’m sure Texans feel differently, but how have they been flying under my radar for so long? Seriously, someone explain it to me! Watch a live performance of “Poor People’s Store” below:

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