George Motz Opens Hamburger America in New York City

George Motz, the burger guru extraordinaire, has been flipping patties and dishing out deliciousness for years. He has carved out a special place in American food culture and has amassed his own cult following. Hailing from the bustling streets of New York City, Motz’s love affair with food, especially burgers, started early on. Now, decades later, he’s returned to where it all began to open his first restaurant: Hamburger America.

Motz named his restaurant after his first documentary, 2005’s Hamburger America, and his book of the same name. In both, Motz went on a quest to find the best and most unique burger joints in the United States. His adventures earned him a reputation as the ultimate hamburger expert.

Outside of his restaurant, George Motz remains deeply rooted in the culinary world, collaborating with chefs, consulting on menus, and spreading burger love wherever he goes. His passion for preserving food traditions and celebrating the simple joys of American comfort cuisine continues to inspire foodies far and wide. Find out more about his new restaurant, Hamburger America, in the video below:

After decades of writing books, making films, and starring in his own shows, America’s foremost Burger Scholar, George Motz, has used his vast knowledge to build the ideal hamburger restaurant in NYC. Drawing influence from hundreds of burger joints across the country, Hamburger America is a living piece of history and the ultimate love letter to the regional American hamburger.

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