Go back and time and hear the first time “Purple Rain” was played in concert…

Way back in August of 1983, (pretty sure many of you were not even born yet) Prince debuted his iconic song, “Purple Rain” at a benefit show in Minneapolis. It was impossible to know then just how legendary the song would become; the movie wasn’t out and while Prince was a big deal, he wasn’t quite Prince yet. For many of us, if we could go back and buy tickets… we would!

Although regret runs deep, and sadly, we’ll never attend a Prince show ever again, we can relive the debut performance thanks to an amazing fan and the internet. The footage is from the First Avenue club in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Prince explained a bit about his new song and then went on to play it for a good 13 minutes. The performance included a rarely heard third verse which was cut out of the film and radio edit.

The fan who uploaded the video, originally on Facebook, included many facts about the night’s performance. Prince fans can learn in-depth information and enjoy the insanely good debut all at once! If you’ve already seen the video, isn’t worth another watch/listen?!


Still haven’t had enough? Watch behind the scenes footage of one of Prince’s biggest performances of Purple Rain, the 2007 Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show: