“Here’s the deal… NO ONE SINGS IN COLLEGE! And as far as I can tell, this is the ONLY singing high school!” Zac Efron as Troy Bolton on SNL.

Back in 2009, Zac Efron was fresh off of his comedy 17 Again when he hosted Saturday Night Live. At the time, he was still known for his Disney Channel hit movie series High School Musical. The third installment was so popular that Disney decided to release it in theaters, giving Efron his first starring role in a major motion picture.

High School Musical 4 - SNL

On SNL, Zac Efron pays tribute to his role of Troy Bolton by returning to “High School Musical 4” and teaching the kids what life after high school is really like. The sketch stars favorites Kristen Wiig, Bobby Moynihan, Andy Samberg, Casey Wilson, Abby Elliot, with a special appearance by Darrell Hammond. And Keenan Thompson is in a class all by himself – if you don’t laugh at him, there is definitely something wrong with you!