The History of Chuck E. Cheese According to John Oliver

I don’t want to date myself here, but I remember the glory days of Chuck E. Cheese in the 1990s. It was fun to go as a kid, and while the rest of you might have been hanging out in the ball pit, I was killing it on skee-ball. I don’t remember having a strong opinion of the animatronic band filled with animal characters and fronted by Mr. Cheese himself. I also don’t remember having a strong opinion about the food. But I do remember all the glorious prizes I won with those skee-ball tickets!

But, just like so many other establishments from my childhood, Chuck E. Cheese just isn’t what it used to be. There are a lot of expected reasons why the franchise started to decline: the rise of video games, a bigger concern regarding nutrition for kids, and a growing competitive market. But wait, there’s so much more!

Watch as John Oliver goes on a journey through the history of Chuck E. Cheese, including its decline, in the video below. (Also, remember that this is John Oliver, so the video is not a family-friendly segment.)

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