The $1 Pizza Slice is Disappearing in NYC! WHY?!

Good luck finding a decent pizza slice for $1 in New York these days! Find out why that is and what New Yorkers have to say about it.

The $1 pizza slice has been a New York City institution for as long as I can remember, but it’s become nearly impossible to locate recently. You can still get good bargains and slices for $1.50 or more, but it isn’t easy to find a slice for a buck, and when you can, the quality isn’t very good. As you can expect, New Yorkers have a lot to say about the change!

During the pandemic, the cost of ingredients increased, forcing many New York pizzerias to choose between raising the price of a basic slice and lowering the quality to maintain the price of $1. Most have chosen to raise the price while maintaining the great New York-style pizza slice we all love to roll up and eat. However, some restaurants have worked out ways to keep a $1 slice on the menu, not because it boosts their bottom line but because they recognize it provides an essential function. With the rising cost of living in the city, cheap food is difficult to come by, especially for those with little to no money. A $1 pizza slice can mean the difference between having a meal or going hungry that day.

In the video below, pizza enthusiasts and pizzeria owners give their thoughts on the disappearing $1 pizza slice. Watch!