AI image of a caveman smoking weed

The History of Weed – How Far Back Does it Go?

It all started way back in the mists of Central Asia, around 500 B.C., where some adventurous souls first sparked up the magic plant we now call weed. But it wasn’t until ancient Chinese texts highlighted its medicinal marvels in 1500 BC that cannabis started getting its moment in the spotlight. It spread like wildfire, popping up in rituals and remedies across cultures and continents.

Now, let’s fast-forward a bit. In the 20th century, marijuana found itself in a bit of a sticky situation. Prohibition, stigma, you name it—things got tough for the funky green plant. But in the 21st century, cannabis has turned over a whole new leaf. Legalization is sweeping across the lands far and wide. From medical therapies to chill-out sessions, people are rediscovering what weed has to offer.

Learn a lot more about the history of weed in the video below:

Discover the fascinating history of one of the most criminalized and celebrated plants ever smoked in today’s new video. From ancient times to modern day, learn about the origins and evolution of marijuana and how weed became the most popular recreational drug of all time.

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