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The Quick History of Ballet in Russia [Dance Lesson]

How well do you know the history of ballet in Russia? Learn how the dance originated and grew in popularity over time.

Ballet in Russia did not exist before the later-1600s. The dance style was born in Italy before moving into France, where many of the dance terms were coined (plié, relevé, etc.); it was only after this that Russia discovered a love and use for ballet. Regardless, Russian dance troupes perfected their skill and were soon considered the masters of the style.

Russia may not be the birthplace of ballet, but it is considered the birthplace of the style the world knows today. The precision and delicateness we expect were perfected in Russia; the Russian style is the reason audiences are mesmerized by ‘The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy’ to this day.

Find out more about the history of Russian ballet in the video below: