The Jews! A Comedic Short About Modern Day Anti-Semitism

The expression “history repeats itself” can be both reassuring and terrifying at times. Antisemitism has recently grown at an alarming rate in the United States, resulting in increased violence and hatred toward anyone who practices Judaism. It’s a horrific mindset┬áthat many of us thought died with the Nazi regime in Europe but is, in fact, alive and well. The Jews! by Ari Frenkel is an entertaining short film that sheds attention on this critical concern.

The Jews! is a comedy, but it clearly exposes how some current Americans think and speak. Antisemitism is very real, and it needs to stop. Watch this relevant and eye-opening short film below:

As antisemitism rises in America amidst the escalating conflict in the Middle East, Ari has to navigate a new but sadly familiar landscape for Jews. How will he defend himself in this dangerous new normal? And can’t we all just get along? [vimeo]

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