Workout with Champions from MTV’s The Challenge

Listen, let me be real with you: I hate working out, and at this point in my life, I’ve come to terms with it. I prefer spending time in front of a screen or going for a laid-back stroll, and I’m not a fan of breaking a sweat. (Can I take a second to express my frustration towards those who naturally enjoy physical activities and working out? I don’t hate you, but my jealousy is super intense!) But I really enjoy that post-workout feeling. Feeling worn out and sweaty, with legs like spaghetti noodles… but that sense of accomplishment makes it all worth it. I always feel empowered and proud when I finish a workout. So, I search for options that help take my mind off of my current physical hell. One of my newest finds is The Challenge Workout x US Air Force: Special Warfare.

Guided by an OG contestant of The Challenge, Rachel Robinson, now a certified trainer, Special Warfare offers a well-crafted full-body workout sponsored by the US Air Force. Join Rachel alongside two beloved Challenge champions, Jordan Wisely and Kaycee Clark, as they take you through a 30-minute workout that can be adjusted to fit a variety of fitness levels.

Are you ready to sweat?! No? Me either. But let’s do it anyway! Hit play below:

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