Crust By Mack in Baltimore, Maryland [Where to Eat]

2021 Cook of the Year: Amanda Mack (

Crust By Mac is a family-run bakery in Baltimore, Maryland’s busy inner harbor area. And let me tell you, if you go to Baltimore and don’t stop in, you are doing yourself a disservice. From savory to sweet, every treat has the most delectable pastry crust, and I’ll go on record saying they might have the best biscuit sandwiches I’ve ever had.

Crust By Mack is owned by Amanda Mack, who was crazy enough to open the restaurant during the pandemic. As a Baltimore native, Mack wanted to establish herself in a way that could support not just her family but the community around her. She is all about marrying the past and the present and bases her food on recipes she learned from her grandmother.

Learn more about the amazing food and people behind Crust By Mack in the CBS Saturday Morning segment below:

Owner Amanda Mack’s Crust By Mack specializes in pastries that range from sweet to savory. Mack is a self-taught baker who rolls love into each and every item she serves, cultivating a devoted following. Michelle Miller is in Baltimore with more.

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