A Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit is Exactly What You Need This Holiday

2021 is not the year for the typical gingerbread house, this holiday season, get the Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit from Miller High Life!

2021 was a severe dumpster fire. I’m sure you remember the end of 2020 when we thought we had seen the worst of it, but apparently not. This is not the holiday season for fake, happy gingerbread mansions or castles; this isn’t the year we settle for the boring, old gingerbread houses… we deserve more, but, like, in a realistic way… we deserve the Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit!

The Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit is about as 2021 as you can get this holiday. I mean, raise your hand if you’re of the drinking age and found yourself in a dive bar as soon as they opened again… exactly, unless you’ve sworn off alcohol, your hand is probably up, so stop judging. Sadly, if you didn’t already get your pre-made Miller High Life kit, it might be too late… but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own, amazing version out of a regular old gingerbread kit. All you need is a little imagination and a few add-ons to make it authentic (like the sticky syrup floor!).

See what you missed below, and then re-create your own version at home!

The Miller High Life team nailed it. Their Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit is brilliant. Earlier this month they offered it for sale and, of course, it’s already sold out. When I first came across an image of its box, I thought it was another clever, but faked, product. Nope, it’s real and spectacular.

If you’ve misspent any of your life at dive bars, you’ll see few details were left unrealized. Along with candy cane bar stools, there’s also vintage Miller High Life wall art and neon made from sugar. There’s even a customizable entrance sign that will help make this gingerbread dive your own. And those “premium” gingerbread walls? They’re infused with the Champagne of Beers—aka Miller High Life.

To keep your gingerbread “regulars” happy, there’s a Select-O-Matic jukebox and an edible pool table with pretzel stick cues. The pool table has working lights, but just like any watering hole worth its salt, they’re dim. There’s even a candy cornhole set under the pergola-covered outdoor area.