The Ocky Way! How One Bodega Owner Became A TikTok Superstar

If you head over to the Red Hook area of Brooklyn, you’ll find one of the most creative, viral food artists ever to grace a bodega griddle: Rahim Mohamed, better known as General Ock on TikTok. With so many bodegas around New York City, it’s almost impossible to gain national attention, but that’s precisely what Mohamed has done. So why is this bodega so unique… and why are customers asking for their sandwich “the ocky way?”

When customers come to the Brooklyn bodega, they can request any weird combination of sandwich ingredients, and Mohamed will gladly oblige. If a customer also asks for their sandwich to be made “the ocky way,” they not only receive a joyous response from Mohamed, but their sandwich will be made with a little more “pizzaz.” Take a look:


🔥‼️3 chop cheese on roll ‼️🔥 the ockyy way ❤️#nyc #ockyway #superter #food #goodzillavskong @moe_money01 @mo_money25

♬ original sound – General ock

‼️❤️RAHS PERSONAL FAVORITE FOOD TO MAKE🙏🏽❤️THE OCKY WAYYY‼️‼️#ock #food #MakeMomEpic #IFeelWeightless #fyp #generalock @moe_money01

♬ original sound – General ock

There is so much more over at @rah_money1, and don’t forget the bev! Is it any wonder folks travel from all over the country to visit?!

To get a more serious, more in-depth look at Mohamed, his bodega, and, of course, sandwiches made “the ocky way,” watch the New York Times profile below:

Meet Rahim Mohamed. He manages a bodega in Red Hook, Brooklyn, where he stocks shelves, cleans up spills, and serves sandwiches from the griddle. But he’s also a big deal on TikTok, where more than two million followers watch him come up with wild sandwich combinations for his never-ending stream of customers. Bodegas are the lifeblood of New York City, but what does it take to run one — especially when it’s famous on TikTok?

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