Lobster Roll - created by AI

Can’t Find a Decent Lobster Roll? Make One At Home!

Having lived in New England for many years, I have had some of the best lobster rolls in the world. I’ve become an enormous snob, and no offense, DC, it’s not easy to find a solid roll anywhere in the area (although, Annapolis, Maryland, I see you! Also, I said, “not easy,” I didn’t say impossible, so if you disagree, I’m willing to try your suggestions!). Maybe it’s time to try making a lobster roll at home.

One of my favorite online chefs, Claire Saffitz, is back with a “perfect” lobster roll recipe; honestly, I am here for it! (And how perfect that she’s recorded her video in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.) My mouth is watering just thinking about the next time I get to eat this delightful sandwich again. So, what are you waiting for?! Watch the video below and get cooking!

Join Claire Saffitz on a trip to her family’s Cape Cod home as she whips up the perfect Lobster Roll in her signature style. The essentials are laid out: fresh lobster, a dollop of mayo for that creamy goodness, a hint of Dijon mustard to keep things interesting, a dash of cayenne pepper for a subtle kick, and, of course, those must-have split-top hot dog buns. It’s a recipe that’s more like a family tradition—a nod to the easygoing days spent by the coast. The star of the show is, of course, the lobster. Claire’s technique and choice of ingredients turn this simple roll into a flavor-packed experience.

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