What’s Your Favorite Regional Burger in the United States?

I will drive far and wide for a good burger, and I may or may not have a regional burger bucket list. I’ve had quite a few regional options, but I only now understand how many more I’ve yet to try! But I’m up for the challenge; there’s no burger I won’t try to conquer. Let’s investigate every regional burger in the United States!

Maybe we’ll start off in Connecticut for their renowned steamed cheeseburger before we head over to Wisconsin for one of their famous butter burgers. And if that’s not enough, we can head down south to New Mexico for a delicious green chile cheeseburger. Who’s ready for a road trip?! (And if you don’t like burgers, check out a full list of US regional hotdogs!)

Find out about every known regional burger across the US in the video below:

Weird History Food is going on a Nationwide Burger Run. Hamburgers across the United States go well beyond the backyard burger or popular smash burger, with each section of America adding its own regional twist to the burger. From avocado to potato sticks, there are endless combinations on the always-delicious burger o’ ham. Get your napkin ready for this one, let’s go Burger USA

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