Celebrating Johnny Appleseed Today

If you’ve heard of Johnny Appleseed, it was probably because your grandpa used to tell you the same bedtime stories he heard as a kid. Or maybe you caught the popular 1948 Disney animated classic cartoons that featured the historical figure. But don’t worry, if you haven’t heard of the folk legend, you’re not alone. That is unless you live in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Appleseed, born John Chapman, was known for spreading apple trees throughout large parts of the United States and Canada. He was also widely known for his love of nature and kind ways. Although he was born in Massachusetts and spent much of his life in Pennsylvania, his life ended in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And he is still celebrated there today.

Each year, the town of Fort Wayne gathers for the Johnny Appleseed Festival. This year, Mo Rocca from CBS Sunday Morning joined in the fun. Find out about all the apple recipes you’ve been missing in your life, the history of apples, and speculation over the legend of Johnny Appleseed.

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