Stabbing Victim Ed Gavagan Finds A Path to Recovery

Ed Gavagan is a survivor. His story is one of forgiveness and healing after a devastating random act of violence. Hear his story.

Have you heard Ed Gavagan’s story yet? He was randomly stabbed by a group of teenagers in New York City and left for dead. With the help of a dedicated team of surgeons, he lived and went on to confront his attackers in court. As Gavagan prepared his victim statement and faced his tormentors in the courtroom, a strange thing happened – he began to let go of the hate.

Could you spread a message of hope when faced with such cruelty? Especially when staring your assailants in the eye? It’s no wonder that Gavagan’s story has resonated with so many of us. We all strive to be better people, and here is a man who has every reason to turn toward vengeance and anger but instead turned toward compassion and kindness.

Ed Gavagan first shared his story with The Moth, which eventually led to his giving a TED talk. The more he shared his story, the more he began to elaborate on the severe downward spiral his life took after the stabbing. His story is powerful, and, in many ways, it is an epic story that should be shared with all of us who take our daily lives for granted.

Recently, with the aid of The Marshall Project, The New Yorker created a series of profile videos called “We Are Witnesses”: A Portrait of Crime and Punishment in America. It is through this video series that Gavagan’s story has resurfaced once again. I defy you not to be moved to tears.

Catch up on The Moth talks and his TED talk if you’re interested in hearing more:

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